DSD Innovations is a design engineering and manufacturing company

Specialising in manufacturing precision components with the assistance of the finest manufacturing technology and Know-How.

What we do

Precision innovative engineering manufacturing services.

We have invested in the latest State -Of-The-Art CNC machining technology to provide you with precision component manufacturing. We Use this technology to offer a complete turnkey solution to take your ideas from Design concept to manufacturing.

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Complete Turnkey Solutions.

Design/ Engineering
Our Innovative approach to custom or existing designs allows us to manage your projects from inception to completion.

We also play key a role in collaborating with other designers and engineering firms to assist in component design for practicality of manufacturing.

Reverse Engineering
We can reverse engineer existing components using 3D Laser Scanning Technology and Convert the Captured Scan Data to 3D CAD Models for downstream engineering applications.

Our 3D Printer allows quick cost-effective prototypes or end use products, we can also produce one offs using 3 to 5 axis simultaneous CNC machining methods.

Manufacturing/ CNC Machining
We have a selection of multi axis CNC machines from 3 to 5 axis simultaneous machining, for general to complex component manufacturing. 

Our extensive range of inhouse specialised metrology Equipment allows us to deliver reliable precision components backed by inspection reports.

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3D Laser Scanning.

DSD Innovations extends its capabilities into Ultra-Precise 3D Laser Scanning and 3D measurement services. 

We have many years of experience from inhouse process development, which enables us to create efficient workflow process for Reverse Engineering, Inspection and Quality Control Applications. 

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